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Lifestyle vs. Diet

‘Living-on’ means eating in the on-campus dining facilities.  Today was my first day doing that with my new lifestyle.  As someone who is quite intentional about the food that goes in her mouth, I found myself being even more purposeful in my selections.  Instead of thinking “colorful plate,” I was thinking about the different vitamins and minerals in each of the foods.  I grabbed some cooked spinach because I knew it had more iron (found in red meat) when it is cooked.  I also grabbed a standard salad.  Not a lot of protein, but I was not about to eat mac and cheese to get it.  This may be difficult.  I was hungry by 4…  Darn my metabolism.

As a side note, I taught willPower&Grace at lunch and then went to Pilates after work.  Two-a-days are usually exhausting.  But I was feeling good.  I even ran back up the hill to campus. I kept thinking of reasons I could stop: My body will be tired tomorrow.  The hill is steep.  It is still warm outside, which sometimes makes me nauseous/dizzy.  But the excuses made me want to finish at the top, so I did.

Just to be clear, this is not a diet.  I do not believe in diets. I never have.  I believe in changing one’s diet, as long as it is meant to be a lifestyle change. But not dieting. Temporarily effective, but not long term. Usually do more harm than good.  And this vegetarian thing isn’t about a diet.  I don’t want to lose weight, nor do I need to lose weight.  I’m happy the way I am.

This morning I proudly announced to the ResLife crew that I had a new identity: vegetarian.  It’s good to know I have the support of people I trust… and will keep me accountable.



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