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In my free time, I have become a willPower & grace® instructor. At it’s core, the class is barefoot, and we do a lot of squats and flexibility work, as well as strength training. On a deeper level, each week builds on top of the last and instructors work to inspire participants to be their best, beyond the fitness capacity. (To learn more about the method: http://www.willpowermethod.com.)

Each week there is a word of the week. This week it is willPower. I feel quite connected to it. Especially during this time of the year… with the Holidays upon us and the end of the semester nearing.

Memes are quite in, so I googled willPower images. There were, of course, many others. Some offensive, others not really related.  But these struck a chord with me.

There were the standard “Work out more, eat less” memes which I understand but also struggle with. This one I found humorous.  Except for the punching people you hate. No hate up in here! But sometimes I do need the willPower to get up.


The word of the week is more about change for me. Focusing on something you need to work intentionally on. As we usually reflect on the word in a fitness setting, those goals often come to mind. However, it is so much more than that. One can develop the willPower to have patience or stop a bad habit or start a good habit. We all are human with flaws. Part of living is working to make ourselves better people one day at a time.


willPower is bigger. It fuels us. It motivates us. It inspires others. Don’t underestimate your own willPower.  Image

We all have goals. Often these goals are lofty. My current goal is to hold a plank for 10 minutes straight. I practice, but it doesn’t seem to get easier. I have about 14 days to get ready. I know it’s going to hurt. If I just believe in myself, I will be able to hold it.Image

Of course, no meme compilation is complete without a Feminist Ryan Gosling. So there’s that.


But ultimately, your willPower has to come from within. Only you have the ability to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to make yourself better.Image

There are only 30 more days of 2013. Perhaps you have been reflecting and working towards those 2013 New Year’s resolutions.  Perhaps you forgot them long ago.  Either way, there is a whole new year to look forward to while reflecting on what 2013 gave us, both the good and the struggle.

As we round out the next month, I wish you the willPower to get you through what you need. Whether it is related to a job, academic work, family, or a personal goal, you have the willPower within you to do what you need to do!  Just put your mind to it.


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Going Vegetarian

We all want to better ourselves.  There’s always something new to aspire to or an area of personal development for which we strive.   I feel like it is something new each day.  As someone who is passionate about holistic wellness, I believe in exercising the mind, body, and soul, and feeding oneself with knowledge, healthy food, and love, respectively.  Sometimes I’m good at it.  Other times I am not.  But each day I work towards this lifestyle.

Recently, I was following some tweets about a vegan conference.  The participants tied veganism into a whole range of social justice issues, which I definitely align with.  However, making the jump to a completely vegan diet sounds a bit scary to me right now.  I would need to do a lot of research to ensure that I am still getting the protein I need.    In the meantime I have decided to ease into it by going vegetarian.  I would say I don’t eat meat about 2-3 days a week, so this seems like a less scary approach.  While I made the decision today, I realized I hadn’t eaten meat since May 30.  But for the purpose of this, my no meat start date will be June 1.  I definitely need to do research to make sure i’m getting complete proteins everyday.  As someone who is fairly active, I know my muscles need to be fed well :).

I plan to blog my journey, as telling the world usually helps me hold myself accountable.


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