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I am a woman.

My ninth @SAFirstYears blog post – published date of 3/21/2012:

I am a woman.

I recently came across the following article: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2012/03/why-dont-women-act-more-like-men-at-work/254556/#.T2NWaCL3n9g.email.  These types of articles always create a dialog in my head:  “Why must I assume traditional male traits to be considered successful?  What is successful?  Why do certain traits have to be linked to a specific gender when they can be emulated by all?  If I decide to deviate from the norm, will that be respected or questioned? How can I empower myself and other women without losing credibility, but still being authentically me?  Which battles are worth fighting?” or something like that.  

The reactions below are not based off of my entry-level experiences, but rather my life experiences as a whole.  Once you become aware of your privileges, and your non-privileges, you are able to connect them to your everyday life experiences.  I have found this to be taxing, because it is so much easier to recognize when I get a “free pass” as well as when I am dismissed or ignored when others are not.  But I have also found it to be uplifting because I know I have the ability to challenge norms.  I also have the ability to empower others who share (or maybe don’t share) my non-privileges.   While this is not specifically related to my current position, I find value in this reflection, because it shapes who I am as a professional. 

For the records, I am a self-proclaimed feminist.  We can argue the meaning of that term until the end of time, but ultimately, I believe in equitable treatment for all.


With no further ado:

I am a woman.
I am accommodating, not timid.
I am direct, not a bitch.
I walk with confidence because I have made mistakes and grown from them.



I am a woman.
I am confident, not snobby.
I am accepting, not a push over.
I am kind to people because that is how we should treat other humans.


I am a woman.
I seek to understand before I question.
I question because I can think critically.
I recognize my privileged identities, but I also work to understand how those have helped and how I can use them to help others.


I am a woman.
I make decisions because I have the knowledge from past research and experience.
I do not automatically receive respect when I walk into a new room – I have to earn it.
I may win people over with my chocolate chip cookies, but I also win people over because of my genuine personality, my honesty, and my work ethic.  And because I respect those with whom I interact.


I am a woman.
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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