Third Time is a Charm

I never believed the saying, “third time is a charm.”  I always felt you should give it your all and get it right the first time.

And then I ran a half marathon.  Yes, this is the same Disney Princess Half Marathon mentioned in previous posts.  I ran it for the third time last Sunday.

And it was an amazing run.

This may be because I actually trained this year.  Or maybe my last two runs just made me more mentally prepared.

  • Mini #1 (2010): Anxiety.  Can I actually run 13.1 miles?
  • Mini #2 (2011): Last year was a fluke.  How the heck did I run 13.1 miles? Will I be able to do it again?
  • Mini #3 (2012): I have this on lockdown.

I think running that far in one shot is definitely mental.  But I think I was more mentally prepared this yearbecause I knew I could do it, and my training for the last 3 months gave me some additional confidence.  Also, the weather was perfectly cloudy and made wonderful running weather.


So maybe it does take three times to get something right. Or at least three times to know how to prepare accurately for something big and daunting 🙂

Dream big!


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