Happiness Project – January Reflections & February Musings

My January goal was Energy.  Upon refinement, I understood energy to be all encompassing.  Some mini goals were:

to maintain a regular and rigorious workout schedule.
This was pretty solid.  I continue to go to sessions at my local Pilates studio, teach Step classes at the campus rec center, and have amped up my running to prepare for the half marathon coming up!  I could probably amp the training up more, but I have about 3.5 weeks left, so it will get there!

to eat more healthy.
Meh.  Main meals, yes.  But I have gone through an exorbitant amount of chocolate chips just from snacking. Really, a ridiculous amount.  Some might even call it impressive. 

to sleep more and go to bed earlier.
About halfsies.  Not including tonight… 

to keep energy up while talking with students/staff.
I have worked really hard to be intentional with my staff and students – go to more events/programs, and focus more on 1:1s.  I think it has paid off.  Today especially, I had 3 solid 1:1s.  Good chats with my HDs, and then went to a IM Floor Hockey game and cheered on the ResLife team.  And two #cookiemonday’s already this semester! 🙂 It’s been a lot of fun.  

I feel like I have more energy.  I also know I have taken on more this semester, mostly outside of work: in addition to hanging out with my BBBS little sister and teaching Step classes, I have added Golden Young Professionals and writing for the @SAFirstYears blog.

So it’s now February.  
My new focus: “Stay in Touch”: Reach out to more people more often.  I am horrible with staying in contact with people.  This includes random texts, phone calls, etc.  I’m going to do my best to call the dozens of people I have been meaning to send some love their way.  Heck, I even keep a list on my iPhone, under notes: “people to call” – Legit.  Obvs that I need to actually act on it.  Not only does this mean contact people I may not live near anymore, but also work to develop stronger relationships with the friends I have nearby, and get to know the people I work with on a deeper level.  Such great thoughts for February!  Woo!

And just because it’s February, doesn’t mean January goes away.  The focus of energy will stay with me!  Alright, it is definitely bed time so I can keep up my energy to hang out with my Little Sister tomorrow night!  


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