Keeping a Journal

I am not a writer.  I think from a logical standpoint.  I prefer to do math and work with numbers than to write my feelings down.  I have tried to keep journals for many years.  They always start strong but end abruptly about a week later.  I have a multitude of them, sitting in a drawer, each about 95% blank.  After a while I stopped trying because it was not natural for me to maintain the process of writing to a book.  Then this whole blog epidemic started a few years back.  Remember livejournal?  Oh yes, I totally had one of those.  I think it mattered more to me because of the possible interactions it could incur from my friends.  I consider it a less advanced, old school twitter.

Anyways, keeping and maintaining a blog is a fun challenge for me.  I like my quiet reflection time, but the transition of pulling my quickly moving thoughts and putting them into words, on the screen, for the whole world to see isn’t always inspiring to me, sometimes it is even taxing.  But I know it is helping me become more articulate.   And I have set a goal to write my thoughts down more regularly.

Recently, a friend asked me to join a group of new Student Affairs Professionals on a joint blogging venture.  You may have heard of it?:
We are each responsible for producing one blog post a week that will be featured on different days.  (I’m Wednesday!)

I have blogged before in the past.  Some weeks I would write two or three times, other times I would go two or three months without writing.  So this is a good challenge.  A challenge I must continue to meet and produce quality work.  (We had over 1000 hits in the first week!) With that being said I will post my entries on my personal site following their release on the official website.

There’s nothing like a swift kick in the patoosh, or at least a friend asking you to join something and then holding you accountable for it, to getcha moving!  I’m loving it!

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  1. kelleystier

    So much of what you said resonates with me, Katie! I also struggle to consistently write my feelings or tackle the task of writing articulately about a specific topic. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and your Wednesday posts!

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